Who I listen to, and you should, too...


Who I listen to...


Council on Flutes for Health and Wellness


Two other NASF flute players, RuthiE Nieland and Ivan Iriarte, and I, have started a council in the World Flute Society. It's a council for flutes in health and wellness, focusing on how flutes can be used for a variety of purposes in...well... health and wellness! For the WFS journal Overtones we have a column. And next summer at the 2016 WFS convention we will have a workshop/seminar on the general topic. So stay tuned, or check out our column in the journal...And join the WFS if you haven't already done so.


Ongoing items


Ongoing items:

1. Check out the World Flute Society. I will put up a link for it, sooner or later. I'm a member, and if you are a flute player, you should join.