Tom Yates, MAT, CMP

If you are looking for Tom Yates, the Therapeutic Musician and Certified Music Practitioner, that is also me.

I look at Therapeutic Music as a service to anyone in need of a healing environment. If I didn't believe in the power of music, and the training I have received to provide this service, I would not offer it.


I am a graduate of the Music for Healing and Transition Program. I did my training with a MHTP cohort at Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, FL. My internship was spent at Briarwood Health Care Center, Iowa City, IA, and at Mercy Hospital, Iowa City. At Mercy I played on the Hospice Unit, the Mental Health Unit and a Skilled nursing unit.

If you are unclear as to the difference between Music Therapy and Therapeutic Music, read on. Music Therapy uses music, recorded or live, to engage a patient actively to improve a patient's health/condition. There is a plan of action for the patient, and it is goal oriented. Therapeutic Music uses live music to promote a healing environment using music AS therapy. The musician asks nothing of the patient, and there is no plan of action. The musician assesses the patient's changing condition, and alters the music accordingly. Music Therapists are licensed by states as therapists. CMPs are certified through a program accredited by the National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. CMP is a Registered title of the MHTP.


What do I do? I play Native American flutes one-on-one in a patient's room or at the bedside. Often, family members of a patient or resident are present, as are staff. Everyone finds the music soothing.

How long do I play? That depends on the patient's needs and wants. It is possible, playing the right kind of music at the right tempos, to observe drops in respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate after about 20 minutes of music.

Can therapeutic music ease pain?  Studies in both clinical and anecdotal research have found that patients who listen to live therapeutic music show decreased stress due to pain, as well as reduced need for pain medications.

Is this service expensive? Not compared to other kinds of palliative care or treatment. At the moment I charge $40 per hour. Rates for groups at facilities vary.

Where do I play? I will play at private homes, care facilities, hospitals, and hospice. I am an independent contractor.

Will I answer more questions? Of course. Contact info is below.


Phone: 319-321-1844